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VIDEO 1: "Stealth S7 System Demo" — An excerpt from a product demonstration video highlighting the features of an industry leading Computer Assisted Surgery system.

VIDEO 2: "Improving Lives" — An excerpt from a video that focuses on how specific surgical technologies have made a positive impact on patient's lives

New product releases — When you need a creative way to promote a new product, consider video, a very powerful medium! Get your message to your audience in a creative and consistent format.

Product demos and training — Video is a great way to demonstrate your products and educate your audience! The viewers could be end use customers, in house sales, or service or installation technicians.

Process training — Looking for a way to make training more effective, interesting and consistent? Video could be the answer, offering a dynamic way to present training material to your staff.

Medical device training — Understanding the use of sophisticated medical devices is key to their effective use by doctors and other medical professionals. DVision has considerable experience in the medical device field and has created videos that document the use of leading edge technologies such as image guided surgical systems and associated techniques.


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