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VIDEO 1: "Gray Hairs & Gravity" trailer Gray Hairs & Gravity profiles a group of veteran climbers that have all devoted twenty-five years or more to the sport. The film explores their passion for climbing, professions, lifestyles and personal thoughts. Gray Hairs & Gravity was featured at Telluride MountainFilm 2004. Gray Hairs & Gravity is available on DVD-R for $15.00 per copy. Shipping and handling is $4.00 per order. Contact us for more information.

Rock Climbing — With almost 40 years of climbing experience in locations throughout the world, we are well qualified to film and produce professional quality video that truly captures the climbing experience.

Adventure Travel — DVision has documented international travel adventures in Australia, New Zealand, Ecuador, Spain, France and Fiji. Climbing, trekking, wildlife, culture, diving and surfing can be captured and the excitement brought back home to an eager audience with a professional video.

Mountain Biking — Let DVision capture the excitement of a short ride in the foothills with friends or multi day mountain bike adventures.

Surfing — We have been fortunate to capture big wave footage on several famous beaches on Oahu: Pipeline (Ehukai), Sunset and Waimea bay. Maybe someday I'll get "tubed" myself...


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